12:00 / 04.11.2019

Chinese ZTE, Huawei to launch electronic monitoring system at schools of Uzbekistan 

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The Ministry of Public Education (MPE) of Uzbekistan plans to implement “E-education” projects at schools with participation of Chinese companies ZTE and Huawei.

During the visit of the Chinese delegation headed by the Chinese State Council Premier Li Keqiang, the MPE signed agreements with Chinese companies on implementation of the projects “Introduction of modern information and communication technologies in the field of public education”.

“Considering that there are very large differences between the quality of education at schools, as well as the lack of highly qualified teachers in the sphere, it is necessary to introduce information technologies that will help provide access to high-quality teaching materials at every school in the country,” the MPE said.

Within the framework of agreements, Chinese companies, at their own expense, carry out pilot projects to introduce modern information and communication technologies in the field of public education on the basis of several schools of Uzbekistan, based on which the effectiveness of the introduced technologies will be evaluated to improve the quality of education and the school management system.

Upon receiving positive results from the pilot projects, the parties will explore the possibilities of phased implementation of the projects at all schools of Uzbekistan with the attraction of preferential financial resources from China.

As part of pilot projects, the parties plan to cooperate in equipping computer classes, creating a video surveillance system and infrastructure for a data transmission network, etc.

“One of the priorities of the projects will be the creation of a class monitoring system. The system will not only allow us to create a security system at schools, but also monitor the work of teachers at classes and pupils’ attendance. Special attention will be paid to the issues of uninterrupted operation of the created systems,” the MPE added.

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