22:03 / 06.11.2019
How good Uzbek people are at learning English? Global rating announced

EF Education First has issued an annual global English proficiency rating based on data from 2.3 million non-native English speakers in 100 countries.

“English and innovation go hand in hand. It is the main language of international cooperation. In previous issues of the report, we found a correlation between the knowledge of English and various indicators of investment in research and development. This conclusion is consistent with a recent study showing that companies with managers from different countries receive more revenue from innovations than their competitors do. English-speaking teams can attract more talented professionals and absorb ideas from all over the world. In addition, they are also more likely to collaborate internationally, even within their own organizations,” the study said.

Reportedly, it has become a factual reference for governments, companies, and educators when they discuss English skills.

The first place in the rating this year was taken by the Netherlands, the second – by Sweden, the third – by Norway.

In addition to them, the first 14 places (countries with a very high level) were occupied by Denmark, Singapore, South Africa, Finland, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Belgium and Croatia.

Positions from 15 to 29 were taken by countries, where the level is simply high. Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Kenya, Switzerland and others are among them.

Places from 30 to 46 are occupied by countries with an average level – France, Costa Rica, South Korea, China, Uruguay and others.

Places from 47 to 69 are occupied by low-level countries – Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Japan and others.

The last places (from 70 to 100) are occupied by countries where the level of English is very low – the UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan and others. Uzbekistan took the 95th place, Côte d'Ivoire – 96th, Iraq – 97th, Saudi Arabia – 98th, Kyrgyzstan – 99th, Libya – 100th.

Last year, Uzbekistan occupied the 86th place, but then there were 88 countries in the ranking.

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