14:54 / 13.11.2019
A new procedure for restricting debtors’ exit from the country approved
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The Justice Ministry registered a decree approving a new exit restriction procedure for debtors.

According to the document, the temporary restriction of the debtor’s departure from Uzbekistan is applied in cases of non-execution of the enforcement document by the debtor for unfounded reasons.

The debtor’s departure to foreign countries is not restricted in the following cases:

- if the amount of the debt does not exceed 5 times the BCA (1,115,000 soums) (previously this amount was 446,000 soums), with the exception of executive documents providing for the collection of alimony or other periodic payments;

- if the property is seized sufficiently to enforce a court decision;

- if the debtor is a legal entity.

Information about the introduction or removal of restrictions on the debtor’s departure is sent to him in writing (by e-mail) and in the form of SMS by phone (via mobile communication).

In the following cases, the restriction is suspended and the debtor is allowed to travel abroad:

- in cases requiring hospitalization outside Uzbekistan;

- in cases of inclusion in the delegation departing from Uzbekistan.

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