11:23 / 14.11.2019
Tanzila Narbayeva: The number of crimes related to human trafficking has decreased by 3.2 times
Photo: senat.uz

On November 13, the Senate Chairperson Tanzila Narbayeva attended the official opening ceremony of the international conference on the topic “The role of courts in combating human trafficking”.

At the event, Narbayeva delivered a speech and noted the results of work carried out by the national commission over the past period.

“A roadmap has been developed to improve Uzbekistan’s position in the field of combatting human trafficking and forced labor, taking into account recommendations of such international organizations as Cotton Campaign and Human Rights Watch. Preventive and awareness-raising works were carried out among the population, especially youth, as a result of which the number of crimes related to human trafficking over the past two years has decreased by almost 3.2 times,” the Senate Chairperson said. 

Tanzila Narbaeva stated that “thanks to works carried out in the field of combating human trafficking, administrative measures were taken against 250 officials this year alone”. 

In addition, the Senate Chairperson informed the event participants that Uzbekistan adopted a program of measures to protect the rights and freedoms of compatriots living abroad.

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