10:50 / 26.11.2019
OSCE mission will not interfere in election process in Uzbekistan - Cayetana de Zulueta 

OSCE ODIHR observers are invited to Uzbekistan only to observe parliamentary elections in accordance with the organization’s standards, and not to interfere in them, the head of the ODIHR observer mission Cayetana de Zulueta said at a press conference in Tashkent.

“It is very important to understand that our role is to observe the election process and prepare a report on them, not to interfere. We are not interested in the election result, but in the process - its transparency, and compliance with Uzbekistan’s international obligations,” the mission’s head said.  

Cayetana de Zulueta emphasized that the mission will conduct the observation according to the same standards and methodology as in other countries.

“We are here to observe the elections in accordance with the ODIHR methodology. I would like to emphasize that this methodology is based on the commitments of the OSCE member states, including Uzbekistan. In Uzbekistan, we will apply the same standards and methodology as in other OSCE participating countries,” she said.

The head of mission also stated that the mission’s final report will be published early next year and all recommendations will be submitted to the country’s authorities for consideration.

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