21:25 / 18.12.2019
CEC responds to shortcomings in preparation for the election
Sherzod Kudratkhodjayev

At a meeting of the Central Election Commission (CEC), held on December 17 at the International Press Center, Sherzod Kudratkhodjayev said that there was confusion in the voter lists. In particular, he emphasized that the voter lists contained the names of citizens, who do not reside at the specified address. 

“We observed on social networks how a resident of the Shurchi district (Surkhandarya region) appeared in the list of voters of the polling station No. 733 of the Uzun district. It turned out that this man had never even been in this district. This may seem like a minor flaw, but such confusion, errors cause public outcry and well-grounded claims. Our compatriots ask where this confusion came from, because the voter lists were compiled by visiting residential settlements,” Kun.uz correspondent quotes a CEC member Sherzod Kudratkhodjayev as saying.

According to the data provided, the number of voters declared in the single electronic register of voters is 20 million 503 thousand 462 people. Of these, 10,147,772 voters are men and 10,355,690 – women. 1,721,358 (8.4%) voters are assigned to 55 polling stations abroad. The rest are expected to vote at one of 10,260 polling stations across the country.

At the event, representatives of the CEC said that they are observing the performances, as well as the reaction of our compatriots on social networks and the campaign programs of some deputies contain gross errors. They condemn such shortcomings in campaign posters.

Mahmud Istamov

“This is not a mistake of political parties or candidates, we regard it as disrespect for the voter. So much has been done to prepare for the current year’s elections, the whole society has been mobilized to organize and conduct them at a high level. While socio-political activity and the legal culture of voters are growing, nothing can justify such mistakes.  

We have contacted parties on this issue. They said they would fix the errors. However, this issue has been the subject of wide discussion on social networks. Of course, I’m sure that voters will express their reaction to parties and candidates, who made mistakes, on the Election Day,” the CEC Deputy Chairman Mahmud Istamov said.

It is noted that more than 70 foreign media, including a total of 99 journalists from the BBC, the Russian news channel Russia Today and TASS, the American news agency Bloomberg, the Japanese medical corporation Nikkei, the Radio France International and L’Opinion and Germany’s Neue Zeiten magazine will participate in the elections to the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, as well as to regional, district and city Councils of People’s Deputies. According to Mahmud Istamov, currently applications for accreditation of international and foreign observers, as well as media representatives are suspended.

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