15:00 / 02.01.2020
“No to pompous weddings” – document on streamlining wedding ceremony and other family events comes into force

In September 2018, a joint resolution was adopted by the Council of the Legislative Chamber and the Council of the Senate of Oliy Majlis “On further improving the system for streamlining wedding, family, anniversary celebrations, family funeral ceremonies and events commemorating the deceased”. 

The document, which came into force on January 1, states that:

- family events are held only for one day from 06:00 to 23:00 (with the exception of the funeral);

- it is necessary to notify the self-government body of citizens at the place of residence of wedding celebrations at least 1 week in advance. Based on local conditions, the time of the morning pilaf is determined by the city and district councils of people’s deputies;

- religious sermons are conducted by authorized representatives of religious organizations;

- additional side events are forbidden during funerals, mourning ceremonies (“yetti”, “payshanbalik”, “yakshanbalik”, “yigirma”, “qirq”, “hayit”, “yil oshi”, “pul tarqatish”, “mato ulashish”), as well as wedding celebrations (“kelin navkari”, “chorlar”, “ota kurdi”, “sep yoydi”, “quda chaqirdi”, “kuyov chaqirdi”, “kelin chaqirdi”, “togora yuborish”, etc.);

- family events after 23:00 are not allowed. Up to 200 people can take part in family events, and up to 150 people can enjoy morning pilaf;

- when holding wedding events with the participation of 50 or more people, a contract must be concluded with a café, restaurant and hall for celebrations. 

In addition, according to the regulation, the motorcade organized as part of the wedding event should be limited to three cars. It is also not permitted to provide paid car services to unlicensed drivers at family events (with the exception of the funeral). It is allowed to use personal vehicles of wedding owners and vehicles attracted by sponsors.

Compliance with the requirements set forth in the document should be monitored by deputies, chairmen of mahallas and prevention inspectors of internal affairs bodies.

Earlier, the Administrative Responsibility Code was proposed amendments, imposing a fine for violating the procedure for weddings, family celebrations, funeral rites and events. The bill was proposed to be supplemented by article 192-1 “Violation of the order of weddings, family celebrations, funeral rites and events”. 

According to the project, for violation of the established rules by the persons conducting these events, a fine of 10 base calculating amount (BCA) is imposed, which is 2.23 million soums. Failure to comply with the order by officials of wedding halls, restaurants and cafés will become a basis for a fine of 30 BCA - 6.69 million soums. Repeated violation within a year after the application of administrative penalties - 50 BCA (11.15 million soums).

However, the above proposals for fines have not been approved and have not entered into force.

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