10:31 / 02.01.2020

Two Santa Clauses abduct an Uzbek citizen in St. Petersburg, rob him of his 30,000 rubles 

On December 30, two unidentified men in Santa Claus costumes abducted a man, forcibly putting him in a car. After that, they fled from the scene into an unknown direction.

According to Komsomolskaya pravda, the incident was recorded in St. Petersburg on Fedor Abramov Street.

“Everything happened near house 16 on Fedor Abramov Street. Two men "sealed" the mouth of their victim with an adhesive tape, put him in a car and drove off towards Nikolay Rubtsov Street,” police reported.

Passers-by noticed this strange incident and called the police. It turned out that a 22-year-old Uzbek guy was a victim of Santa Clauses. They abducted him directly from the house, where he currently resides. Together with a friend, they returned home from work, when the car approached him.

As a result, the 22-year-old guy was brought to Domostroitelnaya Street, where he was robbed 30,000 rubles and kicked out of the car.

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