14:26 / 07.01.2020
Harper’s Bazaar: Uzbekistan tops the list of TOP-20 must-visit destinations in 2020
Photo: Getty Images

Harper’s Bazaar, an American magazine, has published a list of TOP-20 must-visit destinations for 2020. The ranking is headed by Uzbekistan, the State Committee for Tourism Development said.

“There are only a handful of manmade structures on our planet – like the Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, and the Pyramids – that elicit a visceral awe in us all. They speak to us when we see them in photos – and we must obey and follow their call. It’s time to add another wonder to this pantheon of monuments: the Registan in Samarkand, three arabesque buildings arranged around a central square that glitter with their turquoise-topped spires and intricate tile work. Even locals spend their evenings in the waning shadows, along with tourists from all over the world who’ve made the pilgrimage to see the impressive complex with their own eyes,” the publication writes.

Beyond the circuit of three important Silk Road stops: bustling Samarkand, Bukhara’s inner-city oases, and sand-swept Khiva, compilers of the rating recommend taking the time to visit the Fergana Valley, which not only boasts some of the finest ceramics in the world, but offers stunningly lush scenery surrounded by the towering Tien-Shan mountains. 

The TOP-20 included such countries as Botswana, Australia, USA, Brazil, Japan, France, Uruguay, Austria and others.

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