11:23 / 13.01.2020
Abdulla Aripov announces plans to cease gas supplies to brick manufacturers
Photo: KUN.UZ

Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov held a video-conference meeting on reducing natural gas receivables.

According to Kun.uz source, the issues of debt to sectors of the economy, population and social facilities, debt for natural and liquefied gas and energy were discussed.

In particular, the PM spoke about the illegal use and theft of energy resources. He said that the great damage caused by the illegal use of natural gas is mainly associated with greenhouses and production areas.

The head of government listed enterprises producing lime, bricks and oil, stealing natural gas and causing billions of damage, in Kibray, Akhangaran, Syrdarya, Yangiyul, Samarkand, Yukori-Chirchik, Urgench districts, as well as in Angren and Navoi.

“Didn’t local gas suppliers know about this? What are the Bureau of Compulsory Enforcement employees doing? They have a common deal! After all, so much gas cannot be stolen a day!

Along with consumers, managers and employees of gas supply companies bear responsibility for illegal use. Because some dishonest people, who work in the gas supply system, either have created the conditions for embezzlement of natural gas, or committed illegal actions in conspiracy,” Aripov said.

The PM asked industry experts to inform brick and lime manufacturing entrepreneurs about the cessation of natural gas supplies for their production.

It was also noted at the meeting that the leaders of all regions should identify consumers, who caused significant damage illegally using natural gas and electricity. They should regularly cover these facts in the media.

It should be recalled that Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov during a meeting with businessmen from Fergana in early June 2019 announced that brick production in the country would be stopped in the near future. He noted that brick production causes economic and environmental damage.

“The soil cannot be restored. Fertility of the earth is falling. Gas consumption is huge. This causes great environmental damage. With the exception of some countries of the former Soviet Union, many countries, especially in Europe, have already abandoned brick production. Instead, it is necessary to expand the production of aerated concrete and foam concrete. Our buildings will be of good quality. The temperature in the houses will be normal. There are many advantages,” the government head said then.

By a presidential decree dated May 23, 2019 “On additional measures to accelerate development of the building materials industry”, a set of measures was approved for the energy efficiency of cement, brick and lime factories, taking into account the state support, including the gradual increase in the use of coal and other fuels alternative to natural gas.

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