11:40 / 23.01.2020
Army of Uzbekistan strongest in Central Asia

According to the Global Firepower ranking, in 2019, the army of Uzbekistan became the most powerful in Central Asia, surpassing Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

At the end of 2019, Uzbekistan was ranked 48th among 137 countries in the ranking, overtaking Azerbaijan (52nd), Kazakhstan (54th), Turkmenistan (75th), Georgia (85th), Kyrgyzstan (91st), Tajikistan (94th) and Armenia (96th).

The United States, Russia and China are in the TOP-3. India, France, Japan, South Korea, Great Britain, Turkey and Germany have entered the TOP-10.

According to Global Firepower, there are 15.9 million people who are eligible to be conscripted in Uzbekistan. Currently, 50,000 people serve in the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan. Each year, the number of conscripts may increase by 601,000.

The Air Force of Uzbekistan has a total of 179 aircrafts, of which 69 are fighters, 89 - strikers, 89 - military transports, 2 - training aircrafts and 73 - helicopters.

The Armed Forces of Uzbekistan uses a total of 420 tanks, 1,215 armored personnel carriers, 137 self-propelled artillery units and 98 rocket launchers.

Global Firepower rating is based on 55 indicators. Geographical factors, natural resources, financial stability and the development of local industry are also important factors in the ranking.  Assessment of armies’ ability does not take into account the existence of nuclear weapons, and the lack of navy in landlocked countries.

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