22:12 / 24.01.2020

Powers of khokims to be reviewed

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, in his address to the parliament, focused on the tasks of creating an effective governance system.

“There is a need to create a new system to monitor how well khokims have been using their extensive powers over the past three years, and the effectiveness of the territorial structures of ministries and departments.

Why should all members of the government, regional khokims, including the Prime Minister report to the parliament, while regional and district leaders should not report to local councils about their activities?

Therefore, a system will be introduced for the regional and district khokims to report to the regional councils about their programs and their implementation.

At the same time, khokims should regularly inform the mass media and the public about the implementation of indicators and target parameters defined in decrees, resolutions, concepts and strategies on their territories.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the work, I propose to introduce the Institute for Council Inquiry in the activity of local representative bodies.

The current legislation envisages about 300 tasks and functions of khokimiyats.

175 of them are not essentially the main functions of khokims and duplicate the functions of various bodies.

This has a negative impact on the quality of work and discipline.

In this regard, the Senate of Oliy Majlis, jointly with the Justice Ministry, will be tasked to revise the powers of khokims in the first half of this year and prepare proposals on transfer of non-specific and duplicating functions to the relevant bodies,” the president said.

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