17:35 / 25.01.2020

Uzbek students studying in the Chinese city of Wuhan speak about the situation in the city

 These days, the chaos in China has threatened the entire world because of widespread reports about coronavirus, which is spreading in the city of Wuhan.

Many students from Uzbekistan study in institutions at Wuhan. Kun.uz editorial team contacted them and were interested in the situation in the city.

“The city is in quarantine and the entrance has been closed. Students are recommended not to roam around. We are sitting in our rooms. It is planned to build a large hospital within six days for in-depth study of patients infected with coronavirus.

There are more than 30 students from Uzbekistan. None of them are infected with coronavirus,” Mashkhurbek Ikramov, who is pursuing a master’s degree at Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan, said.

A postdoctoral fellow at Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan Farrukhbek Rasulov also commented on the situation.

“Currently, more than 30 students in Wuhan and representatives of the Consulate of Uzbekistan in Shanghai regularly create newsgroups on the popular WeChat internet system in China. Also, consultations are being conducted. There is no food shortage in Wuhan. Markets are working. No panic attacks have been recorded. The strongest immunologists and virus scientists in the country are now working in Wuhan. According to them, Wuhan has become a safer place because of tight control over it.

On January 23, at 10:00, all flights were canceled. We are taking all possible precautions. A special mask is put on when we go out the street,” he said.

Special control groups are using body temperature measuring equipment to check drivers and passengers for signs of the virus at educational institutions, schools, streets and small areas in the city of Wuhan.

Mother and baby exiting a metro station.

Street Note: Wear a special mask for your own safety and for others’!

Central streets of Wuhan.

Special masks can be purchased at all stores, not just in pharmacies.

Wuhan streets.

Ambulances are ready to serve in the city hospitals.

X-ray rooms to primarily examine the lungs of patients.

Announcement: Note from the Health Administration of Wuhan: Anyone, who has a fever above 37.3 degrees, should visit the following hospitals.

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