12:02 / 30.01.2020
Delegation of international Cotton Campaign coalition to monitor activities of Fergana cotton-textile cluster

Invited by the Government of Uzbekistan, a delegation of the Cotton Campaign international coalition will be in Uzbekistan from January 26 to February 5, to familiarize themselves with the activities of local textile enterprises.

According to the Uztekstilsanoat Association, the delegation visited the textile company Global Textile Solutions Ltd. in the Bektemir district of Tashkent on January 29.

The head of the Global Textile Group explained to the guests the working methods and principles of the Fergana Global Textile cotton-textile cluster in the Kushtepa district of Fergana region, where voluntary mechanisms are used in the process of growing and harvesting cotton.

During the discussion, the cluster leaders were asked questions about specific measures for monitoring forced labor, in particular: the mechanization of agricultural work (the use of agricultural machinery), compliance with labor standards between clusters and farms, the participation of independent experts in monitoring the cotton harvest in 2019, relationship between the founders of clusters and local government bodies (khokimiyats).

Representatives of the Cotton Campaign noted that there is a possibility of new visits to the textile complex and the cotton cluster Fergana Global Textile in the first half of this year, to observe the activities of the cotton-textile cluster in the future.

“Undoubtedly, the close interest of Cotton Campaign in our company places a great responsibility on us,” M. Razakov, the head of Global Textile Group, admitted. “We want to show and prove to the world that Uzbekistan is in the right direction and is taking all measures to eradicate forced labor at the legislative level.” Many international experts supervising the cotton harvest in Uzbekistan note positive changes in the country. “I sincerely believe that through joint efforts we will be able to abolish the boycott of textile products in Uzbekistan by international companies and contribute to the development of textile production in the country,” Razakov added.

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