18:23 / 31.01.2020
Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan side by side against illegal migration

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will jointly fight illegal migration.

The Mazhilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan approved the draft Law “On Ratification of the Agreement between the government of Kazakhstan and the government of Uzbekistan on Cooperation in Combating Illegal Migration” at the plenary meeting, Kazinform news agency reported.

According to the First Deputy Interior Minister of Kazakhstan, Marat Kozhaev, the agreement was signed in April 2019 in Tashkent.

Ratification of the agreement will create favorable conditions for regulating migration flows, resolving issues of citizens and identifying channels of illegal migration.

“This agreement has a special role in the fight against dual citizenship and illegal migration, and it is also aimed at ensuring national security. In accordance with the agreement, the procedure for transferring documents of citizens of Uzbekistan is defined. Thus, there will be no need for compatriots to contact the embassy of Uzbekistan to submit documents and pay consular fees. In accordance with Article 10, clause 3 of the Constitution of Kazakhstan, dual citizenship is not permitted in the republic. Uzbekistan also does not recognize dual citizenship,” Kozhaev said.

According to him, the adoption of the law will provide an opportunity to exchange information on issues regarding document receipt and regulating issues arising in the fight against dual citizenship and illegal migration.

In an interview, Kozhaev said that about 2.5 million people from Uzbekistan entered Kazakhstan legally last year, while approximately 60 thousand - illegally.

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