11:58 / 07.02.2020
Prices for medical masks sharply increase in Uzbekistan, a deficit faced 

On social networks, information appeared that in many pharmacies prices for medical masks have significantly increased. Some regions have a deficit.

In particular, Facebook users of the “Fergana Valley” group reported that prices rose 3-4 times.  

“A white (gauze) medical mask costs 2000 soums, black - 3000 soums. Recently, their price was 500 and 1000 soums, respectively. One can wear them no more than 2 hours. Does anyone control prices? At this rate, our children will soon, like in China, walk with plastic bags on their heads,” one of the participants in this group said.

On the Facebook group “Potrebiteli” (“Consumers”), many residents of Uzbekistan report that it is almost impossible to get medical masks in pharmacies.

Some Uzbeks, who are familiar with the medical field, say that manufacturers are to be blamed. 

Firstly, they raise the prices of medical masks, not pharmacies.

Secondly, some manufacturers are actively exporting their medical products to China. In turn, prices automatically rise in the domestic market.

Earlier, the Consumer Rights Protection Agency said that an unjustified increase in the prices of medicines and medical devices could lead to suspension of activities of the pharmaceutical company.

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