17:38 / 12.02.2020
Transferring cash to a plastic card through ATM soon to be possible

 Plans to reduce the share of the shadow economy are being implemented.

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 As part of implementation of the Strategy of Action on the five priority directions of development of Uzbekistan, the project for the “Year of development of science and digital economy” was announced.

 It is noted that by March 20, 2020 the whole project will be introduced. It will include:

 ·        analysis of emerging shadow economy with the consultations of foreign experts and approval of a program to combat it;

 ·        ensuring the implementation of the project “digital marking and cash desk” on time;

 ·        improvement of procedures for identifying members of Internet market (e-commerce), development of a taxation mechanism for them, including the calculation and payment of tax;

 ·        using modern digital technologies for monitoring a registration of commercial transports in the single information platform “cargo monitoring”;

 ·        developing and introducing “E-warehouse” – electronic system of goods inventory, and preparing electronic reports on imported goods;

 ·        step-by-step introduction of mandatory marking of imported food, as well as mineral, carbonated, and other non-alcoholic beverages;

 ·        creation of an electronic database of marked goods in tax authorities;

 ·        introducing an electronic ticketing system in concerts;

 ·        developing ways to reduce number of illegal activities committed by individual entrepreneurs;

 ·        further improving the process of regulating self-employed citizens, imposing taxes on them, recording their activity, and simplifying their environment;

 ·        developing the ways to identify the shadow economy entities;

 ·        integrating various software products used by the entities of trade, catering and services into the Data Processing Center of the State Tax Committee;

 ·        making ATMs capable of transferring cash to bank plastic cards or bank accounts;

 ·        introducing the procedure of providing bonuses to owners of the cards and accounts in the certain amount.

 Executives responsible - the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the State Tax Committee, the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank, the State Customs Committee, the Accounting Chamber, the Prosecutor General's Office, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Transport.

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