14:21 / 14.02.2020
Area of Samarkand city to be tripled by 2040 – Government resolution

By 2040, the area of the city of Samarkand will be almost tripled, follows from the draft resolution of the government on approval of Samarkand’s master plan until 2040.

Photo: KUN.UZ

The draft resolution is approved by the Ministry of Construction. In accordance with the document, Dahbed, Jomboy, Toyloq, Yangidargom and Urgut will become satellite towns of Samarkand. The surface of housing in the city will reach 22 million square meters within the next 20 years.

It is noted that new schools, hospitals, hotels, retail outlets and other infrastructure facilities will be created in Samarkand.

In implementing the project, the UNESCO recommendations will be taken into account, alterations will be agreed with the Culture Ministry and the UNESCO World Heritage through an Impact Assessment Report.

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