20:28 / 17.02.2020
Uzbekistan may suspend the activities of all private employment agencies

Activities of all private employment agencies in the country may be suspended. This was announced today, February 17, by the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov.

According to Kun.uz source, soon the relevant document on the termination of all private employment agencies will be submitted to the president.

The Agency for External Labor Migration under the Labor Ministry will be the only organization that will engage in the employment of Uzbek citizens abroad.

It should be recalled that recently in Uzbekistan, several officials of various private employment agencies have been prosecuted.

In particular, at the end of January this year, employees of a private employment agency, who dealt with sending people abroad illegally, were detained in Uzbekistan. 

Earlier, citizens, who paid 25-30 million soums to the AMILEE BAHORA agency for their employment abroad, arrived from Latvia. Reportedly, they did not receive the promised work and lost their money.

Also, social networks spread the video, in which Uzbek citizens complained about the activities of “Recruit Consulting Work xususiy bandlik agentligi” employment agency.

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