21:02 / 18.02.2020
Minister of Economy and Industry: 100 projects on digital economy development to be implemented

An international conference was held in Tashkent. Minister of Economy and Industry Botir Khodjayev made a presentation on the issues of digital economy development at the conference.

Photo: KUN.UZ

He reported that Uzbekistan has studied foreign experience on the implementation of different projects to develop the digital economy.

Botir Khodjayev’s presentation provided statistical data on the share of digital economy in GDP in some countries. According to the report, this figure equals 3.9% in Russia, 5.5% in India, 6.5% in Belarus, 10% in China, 10.9% in the United States.

It was noted that in 2020-2022, Uzbekistan will focus on three directions in the development of digital economy.

“First of all, it will be introduced to the management system. The second direction is the implementation of digital resources in the financial and economic processes. The third direction is the projects aimed to implement them in marketing between industries and regions and areas related to trading products. Approximately 100 projects are yet to be implemented,” said Khodjayev.

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