13:58 / 22.02.2020
Parliament to consider pros and cons of canceling the fee for registration of IMEI codes

The Committee on Innovative Development, Information Policy and IT of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis has begun studying the issue of improving the registration system for mobile devices using unique IMEI codes.

The study is carried out as part of the development of a parliamentary decree on a collective reference received through the Single platform of public initiatives “MeningFikrim.uz” about canceling fees for registering IMEI identification codes.

To study the issue, the relevant parliamentary Committee created a working group, which, along with deputies, included representatives of IT-business, scientific and expert circles. The result of the Committee’s work on the issue under study should be a special report, which will be considered at a plenary meeting of the lower house of the parliament.

As part of the preparation of this report, the Committee plans to collect and analyze statistical and financial information related to the functioning of the national system for registering mobile devices using unique IMEI codes, establishing forecast parameters for the amount of funds received for registering mobile device codes and targeted spending of this money.

It is also planned to analyze the dynamics of import of mobile communications technology based on customs statistics, study the practice of registering IMEI codes by importers and citizens, and identify possible problems in this activity. In addition, it is planned to conduct a comparative analysis of the international practice of organizing and operating state registration systems for mobile devices, organize a sociological survey in the user environment and study the effectiveness of the outreach to bring to the public the order, goals and objectives of the implemented system for registering mobile device codes.

Based on the work carried out, the Committee will present in the report its opinion on the advisability of canceling or not canceling the fee for registering mobile devices using unique IMEI codes, as well as its recommendations for improving activities in this area and submit this opinion for approval by the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis.

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