19:28 / 04.01.2021
Cell phone salesmen now responsible for IMEI code registration

In accordance with a relevant government decision, entrepreneurs engaged in the retail sale of mobile devices in Uzbekistan are now responsible for their registration, regardless of the date on which the devices were imported into the country.

Diplomatic representations of foreign countries will have to apply to the Service Bureau of the Diplomatic Corps under the MFA for registration of IMEI-codes of mobile devices.

In dual-SIM phones, if the IMEI code of the first SIM-card slot was registered and entered into the database before November 1, 2019, the IMEI code of the other slot will be registered free of charge by the system operator within 3 working hours. For this purpose, the owner of the mobile device must personally address the system operator or system registrar with an identity document.

If the code is registered after November 1, 2019, the owner must pay a fee.

The IMEI-codes of the mobile devices of a foreign citizen are registered by personal application to the system operator or system registrar.

Devices imported in excess of the duty-free import of goods are registered after payment of customs duties.