16:14 / 06.03.2020
Komil Allamjonov: Courts should earn the trust of public

On March 5, Samarkand hosted the second expert meeting Central Asia Judicial Dialogue.

Photo: facebook.com/k.allamjonov

During the conference, which was organized at the initiative of the Agency for Information and Mass Communications and the Public Fund for Supporting and Developing National Media, the Board Chairman of the Fund Komil Allamjonov delivered a speech.

“Uzbekistan is now undergoing large-scale reforms. The leadership of the country, as the main driving force of reforms, has chosen the path of building a strong civil society, ensuring freedom of speech and the press, and openness of government bodies.

Gradually, the concepts of human dignity emerge and people are learning to claim their rights. The authorities have realized that they are under intense public control. The head of state has repeatedly stressed that Uzbekistan will strongly maintain its position in this direction.

Photo: facebook.com/k.allamjonov

Of course, this is not an easy process. The culture of openness, adapting to it is not easy, but the processes have begun and we can see certain results. The dynamic of the process is not bad either, but there is still much to be done.

Media employees still have self-censorship and they are in fear, because they face threats, pressure and injustice of government officials even now. The only body that can protect them should be the court. The most important thing is that in practice, the courts should operate independently, and they should always maintain the justice. Dissatisfied people should be able to directly appeal to the court and the courts should earn the trust of public.

Photo: facebook.com/k.allamjonov

Therefore, events like today’s conference and regular dialogues are very important,” Kun.uz correspondent quoted Komil Allamjonov as saying.

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