16:43 / 09.03.2020
Changes to be introduced to the Criminal Code

A draft Law “On amendments to the Criminal Code and the Administrative Responsibility Code of Uzbekistan” has been published on the portal for discussing draft normative-legal acts.

Photo: KUN.UZ

According to the draft document, the Supreme Court of Uzbekistan proposes introducing the following changes to the Criminal Code:

1) to exclude Article 179;

2) to supplement Article 182 with part three of the following content:

“A person who has committed a crime for the first time, as provided for in the first part of this Article, shall be exempted from liability if he has fully paid customs payments within 30 days from the initiation of the criminal case”;

3) to exclude Article 192;

4) to supplement Article 242, part three of the following content:

“Founders, managers, employees of a legal entity, managers, employees of its structural unit are not subject to criminal liability in accordance with the first part of this Article for crimes related to a legal entity carrying out entrepreneurial or other economic activities, unless the legal entity, its structural unit was deliberately created to commit one or more serious or especially serious crimes”. 

The following changes are supposed to be made to the Administrative Responsibility Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

1) to supplement Article 176-5 with the following content:

“Article 176-5. False business

False business, that is, the creation of enterprises and other entrepreneurial organizations without the intention to carry out statutory activities in order to obtain loans, credits, tax exemptions or other property benefits shall be sanctioned by a fine of twenty to sixty base calculated amounts”;

2) to supplement Article 178-2 with the following content:

“Article 178-2. Discrediting a competitor

Discrediting a competitor, that is, disseminating knowingly false, inaccurate or distorted information in the media with the aim of harming the business reputation of an economic entity, shall be sanctioned by a fine of twenty to forty base calculating amounts”.

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