20:29 / 13.03.2020
Production of Damas and Labo to be localized in Khorezm

On March 13, at a meeting in Urgench, President Mirziyoyev defined important areas for the development of the Khorezm region.

It is planned to implement 2,736 investment projects with a value of 24 trillion soums and thus create over 50 thousand jobs.

The automobile plant in the Hazorasp district will also be affected by new projects: the localization rate of Damas and Labo micro-vans is expected to increase to 65 percent (currently 27 and 14 percent, respectively).

In addition, new projects are being planned on bringing the cotton processing level to 100 percent next year, and to raise the level of yarn processing from the current 35 to 70 percent in the next three years.

The plans include the construction of a chemical plant with an annual capacity of 63 thousand tons of caustic soda and chlorine, attracting $250 million investments from Malaysia.

There are also instructions given on the organization of a tourist zone along the Shavat Canal and the creation of a “Town of Khorezm Khans” in Khiva.

The head of state proposed to hold an international Lazgi dance festival in Khorezm.