20:54 / 19.03.2020

Flour prices down in markets

On March 18, 7,890.0 tons of first grade wheat flour was put up for sale at the exchange market, where all the product was sold out.

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On March 18, at the open exchange trading on the UZEX, commodity resources totaling 210.1 billion soums were sold – 28.6% more compared to the previous trading day.

Due to the relative growth in demand for flour, traders increased the volumes of supplies, putting up additional 15,000 tons of flour for exchange trading.

It should be noted that 42 traders and 1,416 buyers took part in free trading.

According to the results of exchange trading, the price of first grade flour on the exchange market amounted to 2,547.9 thousand soums per ton, which is 1.5% less than the previous day. The minimum price for flour was observed in the Tashkent region – 2,470.8 thousand soums, and the maximum - in the Syrdarya region (2,654.4 thousand soums).

The situation on the sugar market has remained unchanged since the beginning of the year. So, on March 18, 2,000 tons of sugar was put up for auction, of which 279.0 tons, or 14%, were sold. The total amount of sugar sold cost approximately 1,495.6 million soums.

Due to the large supply, the price of sugar remained virtually unchanged compared to the previous trading day and was almost fixed at the starting price. In particular, the sugar price was 5,360.8 thousand soums per ton, and its starting price was 5,360.0 thousand soums.

A similar situation was observed on the market of cotton oil. As a result of trading on March 18, 681.4 tons of cotton oil was put up on the exchange, of which 203.5 tons, or 30%, were sold. The average price of cotton oil was at 9,268.4 thousand soums per ton, which is 0.5% more compared to the starting price, and 0.2% more compared to the previous day.

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