11:45 / 07.09.2022

Prices for flour, grain and cement down on stock exchange

For the period from August 29 to September 4, goods worth 1,983.4 billion soums were sold on all trading platforms of the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange JSC, which is 25.1% less than in the previous week.

Photo: uzex.uz

The total volume of transactions involving small businesses and private entrepreneurship amounted to 433.3 billion soums during the week. As a result of electronic auctions for public procurement, the total savings of budgetary and corporate customers amounted to 27.8 billion soums.

During the period under review, 1,133 license plates were sold for 3.0 billion soums through online auctions. The sale of commodity resources amounted to 1,785.8 billion soums.


Last week, 38,338 tons of flour were put up for sale in the auction, of which 16,182 tons (42.2%) were sold. The daily average price of flour of the 1st grade decreased from 4,825.9 thousand soums to 4,814.9 thousand soums per ton. The daily volume of flour sales averaged 5,394.0 tons.


During the last trading week, 39,812.0 tons of grain were sold through exchange trading. The daily sales volume averaged 9,953.0 tons and the daily average price for grain decreased from 3,477.3 thousand soums to 3,453.2 thousand soums per ton.


Of the 192.0 thousand tons of cement offered for sale, 110.9 thousand tons (57.7%) were sold. The daily volume of cement sales averaged 36.9 thousand tons. The daily average price for cement of all grades decreased from 592.9 thousand soums to 588.6 thousand soums per ton. An average of 347 buyers took part in exchange trading daily.

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