08:40 / 23.03.2020
TV lessons for students and pupils to be launched

In the quarantine period, due to the suspension of classes at educational institutions, distance learning courses will be launched for students and pupils.

Photo: Fotolia

As higher and secondary specialized educational institutions have been closed for quarantine, distance learning courses will be organized for students and pupils through official TV channels and social media pages.

This was announced by Uzoqboy Begimkulov, Deputy Minister of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education at a briefing, which took place at the special headquarters under the AIMC.

“We have launched a system of online teaching of topics in our curriculum at universities and colleges. On the Telegram social network, the @eduuz_online project has been launched to support students’ distance learning during their holidays. Video lectures, developed by highly-qualified university professors, are regularly posted on this channel,” Kun.uz correspondent quotes the Deputy Minister as saying.

It is reported that UzReport and “Mening yurtim” (MY5) TV channels also broadcast video lessons for university students and pupils of secondary specialized educational institutions.

“The MY5 will be hosting weekly lectures on psychology and English for university students from 10:30 to 12:00 on Monday-Friday.

The TV show Teledars, organized in partnership with the UzReport TV channel, will also give students the opportunity to get a quality education without leaving their homes.

Every day, with the exception of weekends, lessons on geography (at 10:15), mathematics (at 11:15) and physics (at 12:15) will be broadcast via the Teledars program,” Uzoqboy Begimkulov said.

Reportedly, the Teledars program can also be watched online through the UzReport TV channel’s Facebook and YouTube pages, as well as on the Facebook and YouTube pages of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education.