15:11 / 25.03.2020
“Condition of 4 patients infected with coronavirus is serious” – Nurmat Otabekov

Health condition of 4 patients, who got infected with coronavirus, is assessed as serious. They are placed in an intensive care unit.

As the head of the State Inspection for Sanitary-Epidemiological Control Nurmat Otabekov said during a briefing, all patients are being treated in the Institute of Virology.

“According to the leadership of this Institute, 13 patients have pneumonia. The health status of 4 people is serious. They receive intensive care,” he said.

Nurmat Otabekov also said that in Uzbekistan, more than 20,000 people are in quarantine.

According to the latest data, in Uzbekistan, the number of people infected with coronavirus has reached 55.