18:05 / 25.03.2020
Mail Service of Uzbekistan: Delivery of parcels within the country will not be interrupted 

The Mail Service of Uzbekistan (O‘zbekiston Pochtasi) JSC will continue delivering domestic mail, despite the suspension of air traffic, the company’s website reported

Previously, the Mail Service of Uzbekistan used to deliver domestic mail through the Republic using its own means of transportation and air transportation of Uzbekistan Airways.

As a result of the spread of coronavirus in the country, Uzbekistan Airways suspended flights with the cities of Termez, Nukus and Urgench. 

“Considering the suspension of air transportation, Mail Service of Uzbekistan JSC accepts mail parcels for shipment along the routes of the above cities and delivers by means of its own vehicles that will ensure uninterrupted mail delivery,” the company noted. 
Also, due to this reason, delays are expected in the delivery of incoming mail parcels and failure to meet the deadlines for mail delivery on these routes.