12:50 / 25.03.2020
Will employees receive paid leave during the quarantine period?

According to the newly adopted decree, salaries will be paid to all employees of kindergartens, secondary public schools, higher educational, sport and cultural institutions financed from the State Budget.

Where and how does an employee work during the quarantine period? If employees are given vacation, will they be paid salaries? Kun.uz interviewed Erkin Mukhitdinov, the First Deputy Minister of Employment and Labor Relations, to get answers on such issues.

At present, schools and kindergartens do not operate. Shall we go on vacation to look after our children?

Parents, who work during the current quarantine period, have the right to go on vacation in March-April, regardless of what month they are scheduled for leave. In addition, employees, who have been working for less than 6 months, are also eligible for paid leave.

What should employees do if they have already been on their annual leave?

In this case, an employer can do one of the following three: let employees work online (from distance); create conditions for part-time employment; if the employee agrees, he will be granted unpaid leave.

Will the salary of an educational institution’s employee be maintained?

According to the new decree, employees of all kindergartens, secondary public schools, higher educational, sports and cultural institutions financed from the State Budget will be paid their salaries in full. Because it is not his or her fault falling under such a situation.

How is remote work done?

Remote work is carried out by mutual agreement between the employer and the employee. In this case, the employee performs his duty, which is assigned by the employer, in his home. They should have appropriate agreements. First of all, there should be an electronic exchange of information between the employer and the employee. The employee must be able to work at home with a computer and the internet.

What recommendations does the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations provide to employees during the quarantine period?

First of all, it is necessary to reduce the number of employees. Mainly, pregnant women, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, persons with chronic illnesses should go on vacation or perform their duties remotely. Also, antiseptic and temperature measuring devices should be arranged by the employer at the workplace. It is necessary to ensure the constant wearing of masks at the workplace and unnecessary bureaucracies should be reduced.