11:05 / 03.02.2022

Uzbekistan resuming air communication with several countries and softening entry rules

Uzbekistan is softening the rules of entry to the republic and resuming flights with a number of countries.

According to the decision of the Special Republican Commission, Uzbekistan will resume air communication with the following countries:

- South Africa;
- Botswana;
- Namibia;
- Zimbabwe;
- Mozambique;
- Madagascar;
- Lesotho;
- Eswatini;
- Tanzania;
- Hong Kong.

In addition, Uzbekistan allowed entry to persons who have been in the above countries in the past 14 days.

It also became known that the Uzbek authorities are canceling the mandatory quarantine for passengers arriving from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Egypt.

It should be recalled that the above restrictions were introduced in December 2021.