15:59 / 01.04.2020
Citizen of Fergana sentenced to five days in prison for violating quarantine rules

Intentional violations of quarantine regulations, aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus infection in Uzbekistan, continue.

On March 29, a resident of the Fergana city Kh. M. was arrested at the dehkan market in Fergana as he attempted to cause a mess not complying with the legal requirements of law enforcement bodies in connection with the spread of infectious diseases that are dangerous to humans.

According to the press service of the Fergana regional Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), Kh. M. urged people not to comply with the lawful requirements of the prevention inspector M. Kazakov and other employees, who were giving explanations to citizens in the market area, tried to provoke a mass riot. He also resisted the performance of police officers’ duties. In addition, he did not follow the procedure for wearing a face mask, which is mandatory for all citizens during the quarantine period.
Eventually, the necessary documents against this citizen were collected and forwarded to the Fergana city administrative court.

The court found Kh. M. guilty of violating Articles 54 and 195 of the Administrative Responsibility Code and sentenced him to a 5-day prison.