15:09 / 10.04.2020
Another batch of medical equipment delivered to Tashkent from China

On April 10, the fourth consignment of humanitarian aid, formed by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Beijing and the Consulate General in Shanghai, arrived in Tashkent.

According to Dunyo, along with humanitarian aid, medical equipment purchased by the Health Ministry of Uzbekistan was also brought on a special plane of the Defense Ministry.

Valuable cargo imported from China includes functional medical beds, artificial lung ventilation machines, polymerase chain reaction devices, medical masks for children and adults, digital X-ray diagnostic systems, ultrasound devices with cardiology sensors for echocardiography as well as vascular Doppler and artificial lung ventilation machines for infants. 

They also include devices for the detection of bilirubin through the skin, lamps for surgery, air intake cabinets, surgical tables, hydraulically controlled tables, ANDiS 350 analytical equipment and other medical devices.

“This humanitarian assistance was provided by the Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs operating in Uzbekistan, as well as a number of companies and organizations,” the report said.

Earlier, Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, and his charity fund provided humanitarian aid to member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, including Uzbekistan, in the fight against coronavirus. The bulk of the cargo, consisting of protective masks and overalls, test systems, pyrometers, was delivered on April 6.