14:12 / 15.04.2020
Jamshid Kuchkarov: The crisis has arrived, it can be seen in the numbers

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Jamshid Kuchkarov expressed the views of the government’s economic-financial bloc on overcoming the crisis caused by the pandemic in an interview with Kun.uz correspondent.

“The crisis has arrived. Maybe we don’t feel it in our lives yet. However, the figures show that. Inflation was low in the first quarter. From March, the effect began to be felt.

For example, in January we sold around 2,865 tons of gasoline per day, in February, it increased to 2,976 tons, we were doing well. In March, it fell to 2,790 tons. On April 8, it fell to 871 tons. Traffic in the country has stopped. The share of industry accounted for 4.8% in the first quarter. These indicators explain the crisis well.

In times of crisis, we must first talk about internal resources. If the internal resources are stable, we can receive credit loans. Over the past three years, our gold and foreign exchange reserves have strengthened.

The reduction in the refinancing rate is related to inflation. Inflation is expected to be lower than last year. Banks have been instructed to provide working capital loans for the existing projects,” Kuchkarov said.