10:53 / 20.04.2020

Kazakhstan ratifies an agreement with Uzbekistan to protect rights of migrant workers

Kazakhstan has ratified an agreement with Uzbekistan on the protection of the rights of migrant workers. 

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has signed a law on ratification of the agreement with Uzbekistan on the protection of the rights of migrant workers.

The document provides for the implementation of measures to regulate migration flows and prevent illegal labor in the territories of the two countries.

According to the agreement, the rights of Uzbek migrant workers working in Kazakhstan and Kazakh labor migrants working in Uzbekistan will be protected.

In particular, free medical care is guaranteed when migrants receive bodily injuries related to the performance of work duties, contract occupational diseases, or inflict any damage to health as a result of their activities.

The employee will also be paid compensation for the damage caused.

In addition, the agreement provides for the recognition of documents confirming the relevant education of migrant workers engaged in pedagogical, medical or pharmaceutical activities, as well as such issues as pensions and social security.

For information, the draft state program for 2020 provided for the development of a draft law “On protection of the rights of migrant workers and their families who are citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, but this item was removed from the approved program.

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