22:46 / 13.05.2020
Ombudsman asks Prosecutor General’s Office to monitor the investigation of incident in Zangiota colony 

The Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Oliy Majlis intends to monitor the progress of the investigation in the colony-settlements of the Zangiota district.

“The case of degrading treatment of convicted S.A., shown by an employee of the colony-settlement in the Zangiata district of the Tashkent region, requires an objective investigation and holding the perpetrator accountable,” the Ombudsman’s press service said in a statement.

On 13 May, the Ombudsman staff held a meeting with the convicted person in the colony, during which she was informed that Ombudsman took control over this case.

During the interview, the woman noted that she had not experienced any psychological or physical pressure after appealing about illegal acts of the colony employee.

“An official investigation is currently underway. The perpetrator is suspended from the exercise of his powers and left the territory of the colony-settlement. The Ombudsman intends to monitor the progress of the consideration of this case, in connection with which he asks the Prosecutor General to take control over the course of the official investigation,” the press service noted.