15:49 / 13.05.2020
Uzbeks, who are stranded on Russian-Kazakh border, looking for an opportunity to return home

In the Samara Oblast of the Russian Federation, about 800 citizens of Uzbekistan, located at about 10 km from the border with Kazakhstan, turned to President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

According to them, the Russian police are currently holding them at the Mastryukovo checkpoint in the Stavropol district of the region. That is, they are not allowed to leave the territory.

The reason is that the Kazakh side does not accept Uzbek citizens.

A citizen of Uzbekistan, who spoke with Kun.uz correspondent, said that they cannot afford to live there, food and drinking water are too expensive. There is no way to go to cheaper stores and buy goods there. The police fined those who left this territory by 4,000 rubles for violating the quarantine.

The video footage disseminated on social networks describes that about 200-300 cars have accumulated in the district near the border. If there are 4 people in each of them, then this is nearly 800-1,200 people.

They also cannot return, since the majority arrived from Moscow, and it is clear that they will not be re-admitted to the city. They have no other place to spend the night and live.

Reportedly, they set off, knowing that the border had been closed. This was due to the fact that the situation in Moscow was getting worse. Asking the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev for practical help, they also agreed to remain in quarantine zones of Uzbekistan for 14 days. At the same time, they noted that allowing entry of the rented cars they hired would have prevented additional costs.