22:45 / 18.05.2020
Train passengers are no longer required to provide a certificate of coronavirus infection test

By the decision of the Special Republican Commission, the requirement for passengers of domestic flights and trains to be tested for coronavirus has been abolished.

Photo: Uzbekistan Railways

From May 18, passengers of flights from Tashkent to Nukus, Urgench, Termez, as well as high-speed trains “Afrosiyob” from Tashkent to Navoi, Bukhara, Karshi and railways to the Fergana Valley were required to test for coronavirus infection.

However, the Special Republican Commission revoked the request on May 18.

As reported, this considers the economic situation of the population in quarantine conditions and the availability for social distancing.

It is also aimed at preventing unnecessary inconveniences in the movement of citizens between regions.

Passengers traveling on the above flights are no longer required to provide a certificate of coronavirus infection test.

“The organizer of air and rail services are required to comply with all quarantine regulations, including the reduction of the number of passengers, disinfection and other sanitary requirements,” the Special Commission said.

The decision of the Sanitary-Epidemiological Surveillance Agency set the cost of testing at 224,000 soums on May 16.

Passengers with a body temperature above 37 ° C are not allowed onboard. In this case, the ticket money will be refunded in a prescribed manner.

Passengers are not allowed to move inside the transport (except when using the toilet), and to take off their protective masks and gloves (except when drinking water).