14:15 / 27.05.2020
Incentives worth about 20 billion soums not paid to medical workers on time

On May 15-18, the State Financial Control Department of the Finance Ministry conducted inspections at hospitals, where coronavirus patients are being treated, and other institutions involved in the process, the press service of the ministry said.

Photo: Ministry of Health

It was reported that the payment of special incentives in the amount of 19.6 billion soums to 932 employees of 32 medical institutions was delayed.

Of these, about 4.8 billion soums were not paid on time to medical workers in Tashkent.

Cases of payment delays were also observed in the regions. In Khorezm and Andijan regions, the payment of 1.7 billion soums was delayed, while in Samarkand region, 1.2 billion soums were not paid on time:

• The Kashkadarya Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital did not submit a request on time to the Regional Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance (CSES), as a result it was identified that 21 medical workers were not paid incentives worth 373.6 million soums on time for the second 14-day work.

• Although the Samarkand Regional Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases submitted a request for incentives to medical staff, the regional CSES did not approve the list of medical staff in the prescribed manner and failed to submit an application for funding to the regional finance department. Consequently, the payment of incentives worth 1.2 billion soums was delayed for 61 medical workers. As a result of the measures taken, the money was paid in full.

• Although the Khorezm regional CSES received requests for incentives from 9 health facilities on 6 May, the regional CSES did not approve the list of medical staff and the required fund in the amount of 1.7 billion soums. That’s why incentives were not funded timely.

• Also, the Andijan Regional Infectiousg Diseases Hospital failed to provide the timesheets of medical staff from other medical institutions, 80 medical workers were not paid incentives in the amount of 1,711.7 million soums in a timely manner.

• A similar case has been recorded in 5 medical institutions in the city of Tashkent, employees were not timely paid incentives in the amount of 4,767.5 million soums.

“The cases revealed during the audit have been eliminated and the full payment of incentives to medical workers has been provided in a timely manner – 932 people were paid 19.6 billion soums,” the ministry said.