22:44 / 09.06.2020

Regional business climate rating published: Andijan, Jizzakh and Surkhandarya are among the worst

The Ministry of Justice, along with the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction, has introduced an automated online information system, the Business Indicator, which assesses the level of enterprise development in different regions of the country.

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According to the press service of the Ministry of Justice, the evaluation is based on two sources: official statistics from the relevant departments and interviews with entrepreneurs.

In particular, according to the results of 2019, the business climate of the regions, including each district and city, was evaluated in the test mode.

“The evaluation was carried out on 29 parameters, of which 25 were evaluated on the basis of official statistical data of the relevant departments, while the remaining 4 were results of surveys conducted among 17 thousand entrepreneurs,” the Ministry reports.

The main parameters are the share of entrepreneurs in the gross regional product and in the state budget, as well as the employment of the population by entrepreneurs.

The criteria for assessing the business climate are specified in a government resolution and are agreed with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Business Ombudsman, the State Tax Committee and other organizations.

This rating has been developed in a test mode.

According to the preliminary results, the TOP-5 regions are as follows:

1. Tashkent city

2. Navoi region

3. Bukhara region

4. Republic of Karakalpakstan

5. Samarkand region

Andijan, Jizzakh and Surkhandarya regions have the worst indicators.

The Ministry of Justice has invited all experts, specialists and representatives of other interested organizations to share their proposals on the system and evaluation criteria.

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