19:02 / 10.06.2020
Experts explain how prices of imported cars will change from August 1

Currently, there are several charges for imported vehicles: import duty, excise tax, customs fees and VAT.

It was previously reported that the excise tax for imported cars will be abolished and a new recycling fee will be introduced from August 1.

Experts of the Norma Information and Legal Portal described in the example of passenger cars how the cost of imported vehicles will change in the light of this news.

Despite the introduction of the recycling fee, the final price of the car will decrease due to the abolition of the excise tax.

Noteworthy is that the prices of passenger cars with engine capacity of less than 1,000cc will be reduced by 12%, while the price of those with engine capacity of more than 3,000cc – by 10%.

“The measures taken to reduce the prices of imported vehicles are, in turn, expected to increase competition on the domestic car market,” experts concluded.