22:24 / 16.06.2020
Otabekov explains why coronavirus cases are on the rise in Uzbekistan

The Chief State Sanitary Inspector, Nurmat Otabekov, explained why the number of coronavirus patients in Uzbekistan is increasing.

“In recent days, the number of infected people has increased. There are several reasons for this; in particular, it caused by the increasing number of quarantined citizens and those returning from abroad. At present, 48 thousand citizens are under observation, over 21 thousand are quarantined under stationary conditions,” he said.

Otabekov stressed that the detection of the disease among them was inevitable.

The Chief State Sanitary Inspector also reported that drivers of international trucks are diagnosed with the disease on an almost daily basis.

“They visit foreign countries, especially regions with an adverse epidemic situation. When they return to our country, they are tested and quarantined for 14 days. Drivers arriving from foreign countries are also checked at the border. If the results of the test proved negative, they are allowed to move around Uzbekistan or leave the country,” he concluded.