22:35 / 17.06.2020
Surkhandarya to tighten quarantine requirements in areas where the epidemiological situation is critical

Khokim of the Surkhandarya region Tura Bobolov spoke on local television about the epidemiological situation and the measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection in the region.

“To our great regret, the incompetence of some leaders and officials of the region regarding the control of the strict observance of quarantine rules by our citizens worsens the epidemiological situation.

For example, one of the organizations located in the region did not comply with quarantine rules: the staff members had no temperature checks, did not use antiseptic gels, did not maintain a social distance of 2 meters, did not wear masks, and no disinfection work had been carried out. As a result, a staff member who got infected, during his mission to Tashkent, infected his colleagues when he came to work.

More than 300 citizens who had been in contact with the patient were quarantined and nine of them tested positive for coronavirus. Several other workers might also be infected,” says Tura Bobolov. 

Khokim also reported that many citizens were quarantined as a result of weddings and funerals, which were held without the observance of quarantine requirements. After a wedding in the Muzrabad district, more than 250 people had to be quarantined.

“The fact that infection is detected among the population is the worst thing. It is very difficult to identify the source of the disease.

Considering the epidemiological situation observed, we have temporarily closed Termez for traffic and re-imposed some restrictions.

We will tighten quarantine requirements in areas where the epidemiological situation is critical, in particular in Termez, Denau, Muzrabad, Shurchi, Kumkurgan and Baysun districts,” Tura Bobolov said.