22:24 / 22.06.2020

New Internet fraud scheme appears in Uzbekistan

The State Inspection “Uzkomnazorat” has reported a new scheme of fraud used by malicious individuals on the Internet.

Recently, the Inspection had stated that during the period of quarantine due to the spread of the coronavirus infection worldwide, attackers have increased their attempts to deceive people in various ways via the Internet, trying to steal funds from their electronic accounts.

“When users are reading news or watching videos on the Internet, a small warning message appears in the bottom corner of the browser indicating that the user’s computer is in danger, there are technical problems, and that it is necessary to install a special program or driver to eliminate them. For this purpose, the user is asked to go to a special link and download the program,” the inspection noted.

When the user downloads and installs the program, the attackers have the opportunity to infect the computer with a special malware, copy or delete the necessary data on the computer.

A similar type of fraud occurs on mobile devices - a false warning emerges about the need to update the software in order to avoid the possible blocking of the mobile device. The user, believing that he is downloading a secure and reliable update, may install malware.

“Uzkomnazorat” recommends ignoring similar fake messages on different sites and urges to delete them immediately, if possible, not to use information resources distributing false messages, download and update antivirus software only from official sources, regularly check the software for malware.

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