12:05 / 24.06.2020
25 members of international terrorist organization detained in Tashkent 

On June 23, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service conducted a joint operational event, during which the activities of members of the international terrorist organization “Tavhid va jihod katibasi” (TJK), which clandestinely acted in the capital and the Tashkent region, were exposed.  

Reportedly, these persons fell under the influence of A. Abdukakharov (born in 2001), acting in the ranks of the TJK, an international terrorist organization in Syria today, as well as his followers, discussing videos of an extremist nature in order to commit hijrah and jihad. They planned to go to Syria, the MIA said

It is noted that among these individuals, three had previously been punished for committing a crime related to terrorism and extremism.

As part of the criminal case, a search was conducted at 25 places in Almazar, Uchtepa, Chilanzar, Yakkasaray and Sergeli districts of the capital, Zangiata district of the Tashkent region. 25 people were detained.

In the places of residence of the detained persons, material evidence was found regarding the crime, the officers seized them in the prescribed manner. Currently, investigative actions are ongoing.

In accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court dated September 26, 2016, the activities of the international terrorist organization “Tavhid va jihod katibasi” is prohibited in Uzbekistan.