21:41 / 29.06.2020

Kun.uz provided financial assistance to needy families in the amount of 715 million soums during the quarantine period

Quarantine restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic have left many families deprived of a source of income and, as a result, their financial situation worsened.

In these difficult days, the necessary initiatives have been taken by the Government and relevant agencies, as well as generous people.

Kun.uz also took the initiative in this noble work and decided to provide financial assistance to needy families.

In order to alleviate the burden of the people, the editorial office tried to support the people, who have no income, are in financial difficulties, have no breadwinners, have many children and have disabilities.

In particular, over the past three months, 454 families of this category received a total of 715 million soums of financial assistance in the amount of 1 million to 3 million soums each, depending on their financial situation and needs. The allocated funds were delivered to their owners in cash and by transfer to bank cards.

The editorial board, based on its financial capabilities, will try to continue such good deeds in the future. We call on all generous people in our country not to be indifferent to those who are in need of help at these difficult times, to be active in doing good deeds.