20:51 / 07.07.2020
MP proposes to reduce the cost of tinting
Photo: KUN.UZ

Deputy of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis Doniyor Ganiyev proposed in his Telegram channel to provide concessions for tinting car windows to avoid the scorching summer sun.

“It is known that Uzbekistan is located in a relatively warm region. Therefore, recently there have been many objections and suggestions from the general public on the current procedure for tinting the windows of passenger cars.

Studies show that usually, the sun’s scorching heat causes severe discomfort for drivers and transport users. As a result, it can lead to a decrease in the labor productivity of citizens from 1% to 15%.

Tinting reduces the temperature inside the car by 60%, allows the cooling system to work normally and provides convenience to transport users in the hot season. This, in turn, can have a positive impact on the growth of the economic activity of citizens and bring additional tens of millions of dollars to the country’s economy.

Scientists have also found that prolonged exposure to sunlight can also cause dry, aging skin. It may damage the retina of the eye and lead to skin cancer. Quality tinting is up to 99% effective in protecting people from the direct rays of the sun and the harmful effects of UV rays.

Based on the analysis, allowing tinting in the hot season is economically and socially beneficial for both the state and the citizens. However, the amount of payment set under the current procedure is costly for many drivers, who actually need tinting.

As long as the government does not want to completely abolish the fees set for tinting, it should at least compromise by reducing the fees. The principle of social equality and justice should be incorporated into the order of the use of tinting.

With this in mind, in the hot season of the year (from May 1 to September 30) it is advisable to introduce a procedure for tinting the rear (100 percent) and front side (30 percent) windows of the vehicle for a fee of 10 BCAs.

We have also sent our proposals and analysis to the government. I hope that our proposals will be studied and taken into account by the responsible agencies. Billions of additional revenues, economic activity and labor productivity growth every season, new jobs will have a positive impact on the state’s economy. At the same time, physical comfort and protection from radiation that will endanger health will meet the needs of citizens,” the deputy concluded.

It should be recalled that tinting was allowed by the resolution No. 646 of the Cabinet of Ministers of August 2, 2019.

According to the resolution, the price of tinting is free for the rear window, and for the rear side window is set as follows:

- Cars of individuals and legal entities – 10 BCAs (2,230,000 soums);
- Cars of foreign organizations – 20 BCAs (4,460,000 soums).

Tinting of all side windows of the car:

- Cars of individuals and legal entities – 50 BCAs (11,150,000 soums);

- Cars of foreign organizations – 80 BCAs (17,840,000 soums).

For tourist buses, a single rate is set at 50 BCAs (11,150,000 soums).