13:22 / 21.07.2020
State Tax Committee: Taxi drivers in Tashkent inflated prices twofold

In Tashkent, during the quarantine period, the cases of increasing the price by taxi drivers have become more frequent, the State Tax Committee reported

“Restrictions on the movement of public and other types of transport during the quarantine period increased the demand for taxi services among the population. Unfortunately, in such difficult conditions, cases of artificially increasing prices for passenger transportation and delivery services by some taxi drivers, have become more frequent, quarantine requirements are not always observed,” the message reads. 

To study these issues in relation to legal entities and individuals providing taxi services during the quarantine period, control measures were carried out in Tashkent.

It turned out that among the interviewed residents of Tashkent, 108 people were dissatisfied with prices.

The Tax Committee reminded that according to Article 176-3 of the Administrative Responsibility Code, engaging in activities for the transportation of passengers without a license entails the imposition of a fine on citizens from twenty to one hundred BCAs, that is, from 4.5 million soums to 22,3 million soums.

Also, specialists of the Tashkent city Transport Department, the State Tax Service and Sanitary-Epidemiological Services analyzed the current situation on roads.

45 cases of offenses were revealed: non-compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards (22), illegal activities (23). The relevant authorities have drawn up protocols on them.