11:37 / 21.07.2020
“The situation in Fergana is stable” – Shukhrat Ganiyev speaks about the pandemic in the region

The regional khokim of Fergana Shukhrat Ganiyev addressed the general public and informed them about the work being done to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection.

According to Ganiyev, 21 people are being treated for coronavirus infections in the region, including 15 – at the Fergana regional infectious diseases hospital and 6 – at the Sokh district infectious diseases hospital.

Four of the patients are in critical condition, the condition of the remaining 17 is satisfactory.

Until the date of the address, the total number of patients diagnosed with the virus had reached 184, the number of cured – 171, and the death case – 1.

1,651 people from 1,138 families in the region were quarantined.

According to the khokim, there are laboratories in 7 public and 5 private hospitals in Fergana that detect coronavirus infection.

“Another important issue is that currently, 2,791 seats are ready to receive patients in our region, and by August 1, another 9,600 reserve seats will be prepared on the basis of medical institutions,” Shukhrat Ganiyev said.

It is reported that there are 1,224 pharmacies in the Fergana region, of which 229 are public pharmacies and 13 – mobile pharmacies. 61 types of medications used against coronavirus have been stockpiled.

“The other day, in accordance with the presidential instructions, more than 10 billion soums were allocated to JSC Dori-Darmon, the regional Health Department and SEWC to create a three-month reserve fund in the region,” Ganiyev said.

It was noted that more than 4,300 tons of three-month stockpiles of agricultural and food products are being created in the region.

The khokim said that during the pandemic, to support the poor and low-income families, 47,000 households in the region were provided with direct assistance. The number of social beneficiaries in the region as of March 1 was 41,400. An additional 27,000 households were added to the list of social beneficiaries.

It was added that the amount of monthly pensions in the Fergana region is about 23 billion soums. A total of 59,000 households received one-time food assistance from the “Saxovat va kumak” (“Generosity and Support”) Fund.

“Currently, the situation in the Fergana region is stable. Medical workers, intellectuals, members of the general public, scientists and deputies are working to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the region. An explanatory work is underway among the population to comply with the rules of quarantine,” Shukhrat Ganiyev said.